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Treat All 4 Pillars of Migraine, Rather Than Mask the Symptoms or Treat 1 Thing at a Time.


Michael A. Gruttadauria, DC, DACAN - Migraine Expert in Long Island

Dr. Michael Gruttadauria is a leading migraine expert. He has developed his migraine program to treat each of the 4 Pillars of migraine: Metabolic, Nutritional, Musculoskeletal and Neurological. One of the biggest challenges that patients face prior to finding our program is finding a team of doctors to properly and appropriately address each of these factors simultaneously.

Not all migraines are the same, but almost all have contributions from the 4 factors assessed and treated in our program. For example, some people have more of a metabolic contribution and less of a musculoskeletal one. The common denominator is that something is causing the ‘brain attack’ we call migraine headache and we strive to find the cause…not just treat the pain.

Our program aims to move you down the spectrum of migraine from having them often, to as little as possible and get you long-lasting results by putting you in control of migraine, rather than having migraine control you.

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Dr. Michael Gruttadauria is an internationally renowned clinician who has been serving his profession and patients from around the world since 1992. Dr. Gruttadauria began his quest to be the best clinician he could be as a Doctor of Chiropractic. This training coupled with his lifelong pursuit of sports and bodybuilding allowed him to gain a holistic perspective on health which he brings to each and every patient. He holds Board Certification in Chiropractic Neurology through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and is on the Advisory Board of Functional Medicine University.

Dr. Gruttadauria has blended his background in nutrition, neurology and sports medicine with years of advanced post doctorate training in Functional Medicine and lifestyle management. He cross-trains his studies to provide a comprehensive and unique approach to his patients’ care. He has most recently taken courses in bio and neurofeedback in Princeton, NJ. He has participated in the postdoctoral program for Traumatic Brain Injury, and has completed advanced studies in the diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders and migraine through the Carrick Institute for Postdoctoral Education. He is able to assist in the non-pharmaceutical treatment of these conditions in all age groups.

His role as CEO and Director of Migraine Long Island allows him to take people from wherever they are in their healthcare journey to a place of vibrant health and happiness through lifestyle modification, neuro rehab, diet, functional medicine, exercise and positive thinking.

Woman suffering from a migraine in a dark room.

Have you been suffering from migraines?

Have you been suffering from migraines?